Keeping Your Business Assets Safe

Using Video Monitoring Technology and Local Security Response Teams to provide reliable services

Getting the work done on time and on budget aren’t the only critical issues in a construction project. Controlling work-site theft and vandalism can make the difference between profit and loss for a project. Having to take time and incurring the costs to replace stolen goods and repair damaged property can negatively affect the timeline of your project. This can lead to you facing potential fines for failing to meet deadlines and experiencing cost overruns.

Construction Site Theft is an industry-wide epidemic. Millions of dollars of equipment and materials are stolen annually throughout Canada. Remotecube Services seeks to reduce the losses incurred through theft and vandalism using the combination of professionally installed and monitored Live Video Camera Surveillance along with a relationship with Fortress Security to handle the “Boots on the ground” events.

Remotecube Services is an Edmonton based company owned and operated by Colin Chong and Robert Elzen. We are constantly seeking to improve and extend our services to provide the best possible benefits for our clients.

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